Tips on Using Virrosas Vinegar in Food Preparation

Keeping the potatoes clear: A tablespoon of alcohol vinegar added to the cooking water of the potatoes will keep them clear. You can prevent peeled potatoes from darkening by covering them with water and adding 2 tablespoons of Viral alcohol vinegar;

Returning vitality to the vegetables: Return fresh appearance to withered vegetables by placing them in a container with cold water and vinegar;

Washing fruits and vegetables: Add 2 tablespoons of alcohol vinegar to ¼ liter of water and use the solution to wash fresh fruits and vegetables, then rinse them. Research shows that vinegar helps to eliminate the bacteria present in fruits and vegetables;

Fruit stains: Remove fruit stains from the hands by wiping them with vinegar;

Canned Strawberries: Want to keep your strawberries red and juicy for longer? You will need to mix 1 part apple flavored vinegar to 10 parts water (eg 100 ml vinegar to 1 liter water), soak the strawberries in this solution, give a little stir and discard all the liquid (you can even use a sieve and drain all the water). Then, dry strawberry strawberry with paper towel. Then just store in a closed pot inside the refrigerator;

No waste: When it is not possible to consume the last servings of mayonnaise or salad dressings, add some of your favorite vinegar inside the package. Cover and shake. You will be amazed at how much has been spared;

Preparing Fish: Try to let the fish soak in vinegar water and vinegar before you prepare it. This will be softer and should keep your shapes better. When cooked the fish, 1 tablespoon of vinegar added to the water will prevent it from easily dismantling;

Cooking Eggs: Add a little vinegar in the cooking water of the eggs, this will prevent the clear skirt if the shell cracks during the preparation;

Frying threads: Before frying threads, add ½ tablespoon of vinegar to the hot oil to prevent the threads from absorbing excessive fat. Be careful when adding vinegar to the hot oil;

Clear on snow: Moisten a paper towel with 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Pass the moistened paper in the container where it will be made clear in snow and then dry with a paper towel;

Softer Rice: To make the rice softer and tastier, add a tablespoon of virgin alcohol vinegar to the boiling water before adding the rice. The rice will become looser;

Eliminating odors from food preparation: Boil in a pan, water and a little vinegar;

Clearing Flavors: Add a can of soup or sauce a tablespoon of your favorite vinegar. This clears the taste;

*These Tips are suggestions for use and have as bibliographical reference the website of ANAV - National Association of Vinegar Industries, of which Virrosas is associated;