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​​​Founded in 1913 by Virgílio Rosas, Virrosas is a traditional Brazilian company, dedicated to enriching national cuisine with its wide line of products. We started our story producing dark vinegar and over time expanded our range to include fruit vinegars such as apple, red wine, and flavored options such as lemon, garlic and basil. Our portfolio stands out even more for sauces with intense flavors, including garlic sauce, the exotic murupi pepper sauce with tucuri, the spicy red pepper sauce, the traditional and light versions of soy sauce, and the classic Worcestershire sauce, ensuring variety for all tastes.

Today, Virrosas already serves several states and is in the process of expanding, with the aim of serving all states in Brazil and entering international markets soon. This expansion effort reflects our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and the ambition to promote Brazilian cuisine globally. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations, offering culinary experiences that blend tradition and innovation, capturing the true flavor and quality that our brand symbolizes.

Our Commitment to excellence is evidenced by the rigorous selection of ingredients and the continuous development of products that satisfy the most refined palates. With Virrosas, each meal becomes a unique experience, rich in history and flavor. We invite you to explore the difference that a century of dedication to cooking can make on your table, through products that are synonymous with superior quality and authenticity.

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Everything you wanted to know about vinegar and its benefits

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Tips for Using Virrosas Vinegar

Throughout history, vinegar has proven to be a widely used product on a day to day basis. As an example, it can serve not only for the seasoning and disinfection of food, but also for domestic use.
See the various utilities that Vinegar can have:

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