Kafta - Meat ground on a spit

– 1 kg of ground beef twice (soft or hard meat);
– 3 tablespoons full of chopped onion;
– 1 shallow teaspoon of salt or to taste;
– 1 pinch of ground black pepper (optional);
– 3 tablespoons of chopped green smell;
– Wheat flour, if necessary, to combine;
– Barbecue sticks;
– oil to grease the meat while roasting;
-Virrosa pepper sauce to taste;

– Mix the meat with the other ingredients and form a dough.

– If necessary, that is, if the dough gets too wet, add a little flour.

– Divide the meat into 12 or 15 portions.

– Take each portion and spread it over the skewer, compressing to adhere well. It should look like a sausage pricked in length.

– Bake on a grill, turning from time to time, to bake evenly and turn golden on the outside.

– Spread some oil on the meat while roasting.

-Serve with Virrosas pepper sauce to taste.

Enjoy your food!