Tips for Using Virrosas Vinegar for Other Utilities

Bumper stickers: Remove bumper stickers by repeatedly applying alcohol vinegar on them. In a few minutes, the adhesive can be easily removed. Test in a small area of the car to ensure that the paint will not be impaired;

Remove car slime stains: Spread a small amount of alcohol vinegar on a clean cloth. Gently rub the stained area with the cloth until the stain has disappeared. Test in a small area to make sure there will be no discoloration;

Brushing softener: Put the brushes in a small amount of warm alcohol vinegar and then rinse with warm water;

Furniture: Mix olive oil and alcohol vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 1 and polish with soft cloth. Test in a neutral place before the first application;

Used DVDs: When the DVD locks or freezes images, wipe it with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol vinegar. Make sure the DVD is completely dry before inserting it into the DVD player. This procedure applies only in the case of DVDs marked by dirt referring to the time of use;

Cleaning leather shoes: If there are visible spots on your shoes and leather boots, mix two pieces of water with a part of vinegar. Then pick up a toothbrush and clean the spots that need cleaning. Expect to dry and be surprised at the result;

Avoiding fading black clothes: During the rinse cycle, add 1 cup (250 ml) of alcohol vinegar. Add the vinegar directly into the bowl of the washing machine containing the clothes. Do not add detergent or soap if there is a separate place.
Adding vinegar to the rinse cycle has several benefits, including preserving black clothes. This domestic miracle can fix the colors and also remove the detergent residue from the clothes. Waste can create a layer on your clothes, making the color look faded.
Vinegar is also a natural fabric softener. It should evaporate during the rinse cycle, so there is usually no smell on the clothes. However, if the smell stays on, let the clothes dry naturally to get rid of the smell;

Cleaning Gold Jewelry: Place the gold jewelry submerged in alcohol vinegar for 15 minutes. Remove and dry with a soft cloth;

*These Tips are suggestions for use and have as bibliographical reference the website of ANAV - National Association of Vinegar Industries, of which Virrosas is associated;