Tips for Using Virrosas Vinegar in Pets

Spread alcohol vinegar over the dirt. Wait a few minutes and rub the location from the center out. Dry with a dry cloth. This procedure may have to be repeated for some blemishes. (In case of carton, test the resistance of the carpet color by applying alcohol vinegar in neutral places);

One teaspoon of alcohol vinegar for each bowl with 1 liter of potable water helps keep your pet free of flies. This ratio is indicated for an animal of approximately 20 kilos;

Bathe the dog with fresh water. Use a mixture of 1 cup of alcohol vinegar and 6 liters of water. Spread the solution over the animal’s hair and remove it without rinsing;

*These Tips are suggestions for use and have as bibliographical reference the website of ANAV - National Association of Vinegar Industries, of which Virrosas is associated;