Vegetable Salad with Mayonnaise Sauce

– 4 large potatoes;
– 2 medium carrots;
– 10 pods;
– 2 tablespoons Virrosas vinegar with lemon;
– 1/2 medium onion finely chopped;
– Salt to taste;
– Mayonnaise Sauce (Sufficient Amount);
– To decorate:
– Lettuce or watercress leaves;
– 2 firm tomatoes;
– Olives and Peas (optional);

– Cook the potatoes in peel and whole in hot water and salt;
– In another pan, cook carrots and pods the same way;
– Peel and chop the greens and season while hot with Virrosas vinegar with lemon, adding onion and salt;
– Mix 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise sauce and place the salad on a platter;
– Cover with mayonnaise sauce and garnish to taste with lettuce leaves, tomatoes and olives;

Enjoy Your Food!